About Us

TriWebSMS is a business unit of Online Services Division of Tritech Computers Ltd, an information technology services company, that has been in operation since 1987.

The main objective of TriWebSMS is to provide user-friendly messaging system which is accessible anywhere and anytime, that will enable our customers meet their SMS communication needs at a very affordable cost.

Our service is built upon a robust and carrier-grade platform using state-of-the-art telecommunications technology in delivering our solutions.

TriWebSMS's infrastructure and carrier connection provide a unique and most reliable solution offering a 99.9% up-time based on the use of the most reliable and industry-proven hardware and software.

Our back-end service providers have deployed the most stable and reliable Enterprise Messaging delivery platform that has a direct carrier-level connection with more than 27 international Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs), covering 560+ global networks.

TriWebSMS focuses on single-tier SMSC connection setup, which enables TriWebSMS to give better and faster service to our clients.

TriWebSMS also ensures back-up routing for each destination, which ensures our clients can route their message without delays.

We can also provide you with the necessary API (application programming interface ) to integrate our web/SMS service into your web application.


Tritech Computers Ltd (the parent company of is an information technology services company with interests in online services, LAN/WAN network infrastructure provisionning and computer hardware. Our online services include, a leading provider of domain name registration, Webhosting, Website/Web application design services, and IT services outsourcing with