FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add multiple contacts at once?

You can add multiple contacts to address book by creating a CSV file with the following columns: name, mobileno, emailid, notes. Enter the contact details as shown in the example below:




When this is done, do the following:

1) Click on the "Address Book" link on the SMS menu.

2) Click on "Upload Bulk".

3) Make sure the "Upload Formatted CSV" option is selected and upload the formatted CSV.

At the point of uploading the CSV, you must also select which of your groups you want the new contacts to be added to if you already have contact groups created.

Click here to download a sample of the properly formatted CSV.



2. How do I create a contact-group so I can send SMSs to all of them at once?

To create an SMS contact group:

1) Log in to your account and click on the "Manage Contact Groups" link.

2) Click on the "Add Entry" button. From the there enter the details of the group you want to create.

3) Click on the "Address Book" link on the SMS menu.

4) Click on "Upload Bulk".

5) Make sure the "Upload Formatted CSV" option is selected and upload the formatted CSV.

6) All the uploaded file will be uploaded to a single page but once you click on any of them, it will tell you the group it belong

Please note that once you have created at least 1 group then all your newly added contact must be added to a group. Thus you may want to pre-emptively create all necessary groups that can be envisaged.



3. How to send one SMS to multiple phone numbers?

In the “To” field enter the phone numbers of the recipients and separate them by comma. For example, 2348011111111,2348011111112,2348011111113 and so on.


4. Can I send personalised SMS to multiple recipients?

Yes you can. This requires that you create a CSV file with a minimum of 2 columns. The first column for each row should contain the recipient's phone number, the second column should contain the message with numeric placeholders in it representing the personalised text. As shown in the picture below:

In the first row, the placeholders “#3” and “#4” represent the contents of columns C and D receptively.
Similarly in the second row, the placeholders “#3”, “#4” and “#5” represent the content in columns C, D and E.
When this CSV file is uploaded, the placeholders will be replaced by the contents of the corresponding columns.


5. How can I send Scheduled SMS for a later period?

To schedule your SMS to go out at set date and time in the future, you have to set the schedule date  on the "Send SMS"  page. On the "Send SMS"  page, click on the "Schedule"  tick box at the bottom of the page. Then click on the date pop-up menu. Pick the future date and adjust the time in the resulting entry. Your SMS entry will be automatically scheduled for delivery on the set date and time


6. When I try to send SMS, I get an error message-  "SMS not sent, Your Account has expired since December 31st, 1969"

This error  occurs when your session has expired. This may occur if you have too may windows of your browser opened, doing several things at the same time on the site. To resolve the problem, just close your browser and reopen it again. Then go back to our site , login and resend your SMS.


7.  I paid NGN2,200 which should be equivalent to 1100 sms credit but i was only credited with 1000sms in my my account at TriWebSMS. Why?

We sell SMS in lots of 200, 1000, 5,000 , 10,000 and 50,000. We don't prorate the purchase. The NGN2200 payment, therefore, covers a purchase of 1000sms for NGN2000, with a balance of NGN200. You can either add NGN300 to the balance to make up NGN500 to purchase an additional 200sms, or you add an additional NGN1800 to make up NGN2000 to purchase an additional 1000sms.


8.  Can I send SMS to international GSM numbers outside of Nigeriai?

Yes you can send SMS to over 210 countries on over 1200 Telecommunication  Networks.



9. How can I buy SMS credit online, using my bank ATM card?

To buy SMS credit online, you can use your InterSwitch enabled bank ATM card, Master Card or Verve Card to pay.

You should first log into your account at, then click on "Buy SMS Package Online" tab on the top left-hand-side.

Then follow the options there to pick the SMS package you wish to buy and continue. You will be directed to the secured InterSwitch site via our payment processor site,, where you will make make the payment.

Upon your successful payment, your SMS account will be  automatically credited on our site and you can start using the purchased SMS package.



10. Why was I charged 2 SMS credit to send an SMS containing  157 characters  instead of the 1 SMS
that you used to charge when SMS were limited to 160characters?

We now offer multipage SMS with up to 1530 characters. In order to handle the multipage SMS being sent to the receiving network, we use 7 characters out of the 160 characters to pass some arguments to the receiving network for management of the incoming multipage SMS. So you are limited to 153 characters per single SMS page or unit. So with a 157 character SMS , you will charged 2 SMS credit after the first 153 characters, which uses 1 SMS credit.